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Calima Tazacorte

Calima Tazacorte

A collision of energies. On a sizzling hot run in La Palma thanks to the Sahara winds, my head was spinning with black heat, shining stars and bright colours. I came across a new inspiration. Each one is unique made carefully with hand chosen beads. 

it is called, is caused by a dust storm that is stirred up by high winds from Morocco and is then driven over to the Canary Islands by south easterly winds. 

Moroccan Trade beads are decorative glass beads used between the 16th and 20th century as a currency, made to ease the passage of European explorers and traders across the African continents.  

La Palma Lava - Stability, strength and courage.

Blue Lapis Lazuli - Self-confidence, friendship and creativity. 

Spiral - New beginnings and expanding growth. 

Olivine/Peridot - Green and glass-like found in the volcanic rock of the Canary Islands. Protects and asserts allowing one to realize their dreams by following their own path. 
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